WOWWAM is unlike other gemstone manufacturers. Even we give make-to-order service, we know each jewelry design has its distinguish characters. We therefore always think for the best of customer’s products. The expert will offer you every shade of gemstone colors and give advices in detail to make precious gemstones harmonious with the bodies. Customers can be sure that your jewelry designs will gleam uniquely as you desire. For us, clients deserve the greatest.


For our customers, WOWWAM will make everything possible. Our lapidaries acquire experience for decades to make precision cutting. They select every type of gemstones with savvy eyes, and professionally use high technology tool to create the sparkle of luxury on every facet. It is our pride to create incomparable genuine and created gemstone that will shine brightly on our beloved customers’ jewelry.


The world-class jewelry stores and jewelry supplies confide us as one of the best gemstone creator in Thailand. WOWWAM is an innovative brand that co-works with credible gemstone factory. Our quality control is meticulous and thorough. The apparatus we use for gemstone cutting is regularly cleansed and checked up to maintain accuracy. Every process will be detected the possible errors to ensure every piece reach the customers’ requirement. We adhere to our promise that no difference of beauty could be found in our precious stones.

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